Nice to meet you!

My passion is the preservation of all that is beautiful: Our state. Our country. Our people. Our way of life.

As our story continues on through generations, much of what was once beautiful to so many has been lost to time, to "progress," to changing perspectives and an ever-evolving world.

After 25 years of documenting, photographically, beauty that we can see, I have turned much of my recent attention to writing about the beauty that we have lost.

My first two published books, "Lost Fox Cities," and "Finding Dairyland"  are my attempt to tell my perspective of this. A kind of homage to those who have come before.

The world is a very different place than it was for them. And as we meander our way through, it is paramount that we take the time to show gratitude for what was left for us, as well as being mindful of what we will inevitably leave to others.

So, look around.

Stay a while.

And always remember to never take the beauty in our lives - in all its shapes, colors, and personalities - for granted.

There will come a day where it will no longer be there.